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Pacific Gold retro packaging

Pacific Gold Branding

Pacific Gold makes responsibly grown, all-natural cannabis oils & products for that out-of-office, every-day’s-abeach-day feeling.

Pacific Gold’s Founder, Jules, brought the Hoodzpah team on to to establish brand identity and voice for his new cannabis brand. Jules has been a consultant for some of the top cannabis brands in California for years. With his new brand, he was looking to create a product that felt accessible to everyone. Dare we say, the Coca-Cola of Cannabis?! Something a UCLA student, a mom of two, a corporate suit, or your Grandma might smoke to relax and take a load off after a long day. Something not steeped in weed tropes, but appealing to the growing demographic of cannabis consumers.


— Discovery & Strategy
— Identity System
— Brand Guidelines
— Typography & Color
— Packaging
— Messaging

Pacific Gold Logo System

The Logo

The Pacific Gold brand archetype is “The Innocent.” In short, it’s based on happiness. A vacation mentality even on a Monday morning. Brands we see Pacific Gold living with are Topo Chico, Corona, Coca-Cola–feel good brands. We didn’t want Pacific Gold to feel medicinal like many modern cannabis brands, and we also wanted to steer clear of the neon green or black and gold stoner bro culture.

Pacific Gold logos as they are intended for use

Type & Color:

The Pacific Gold color palette is heavily inspired by vintage fruit and vegetable farm crate designs. Warm red, yellow, and turquoise differentiate the Pacific Gold sativa, indica, and hybrid categories. The PG wordmark is a customized treatment of the typeface, Hebden Incised. Gotham is utilized for taglines and body copy, and Carnaby Street for subheaders.

Pacific Gold Color Pallet
Pacific Gold packaging

The Packaging

Dispensary cases can be an overwhelming experience for newer cannabis users. Pacific Gold’s packaging is warm and inviting, a bright pop of color amidst the blur of green, kraft paper, black, and gold. Easy application stickers further differentiate the strains. Pacific Gold vape pens ditch the standard neon colored LED tips for a warm white.

pacific gold branded pen
3 pacific Gold packaging all strains, color grouped by Hypbrid, sativa, indica
pacific gold packaging by Hoodzpah
pacific gold packaging outlined
Pacific Gold Ecru Tee Design
Pacific Gold Stickers

Pacific Gold is currently distributed in California, with Michigan and Ohio soon to follow. Check Weedmaps or the Pacific Gold website to find it at a dispensary near you if you are 21+!

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