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Menu and stationery set for Louie's by Hoodzpah

Louie’s By The Bay Restaurant Branding

The 1923 Restaurant Group who brought you The Cannery and El Cholo are pulling out all the stops for Louie’s By The Bay, and Hoodzpah was lucky enough to be on board for the restaurant branding. Piero Selvaggio, Ron Salisbury and Brendon Salisbury had a very clear vision of the restaurant concept: imagine Ralph Lauren’s beach house serving the best Italian steaks and pastas. And when we say “the best” we’re not exaggerating. Piero Selvaggio, former owner of Valentino in LA, was touted by Italy Magazine as “the man who changed Italian cuisine in the US.” The restaurant’s design is high-end beach chic. Our goal with the restaurant branding: to harness the high-brow yet laidback sensibilities of Louie’s.

Art Direction

Amy Hood


Arturo Jimenez
Amy Hood


— Naming
— Logo System
— Collateral & Menus
— Brand Guidelines

We created a custom script for the wordmark and paired it with a deco inspired secondary font for taglines. We kept the collateral simple and clean: text based designs, with simple line patterns. The restraint in the layout allows the logo and secondary marks to shine.

While the restaurant is new, it is rooted in a history as rich as the pasta sauce. Both owners have been in the restaurant business for decades, and Louie’s By The Bay is the project where all that expertise and passion has culminated. To illustrate this history, we created 3 secondary marks for use on menus, coasters, and business cards.

First, a Newport Great Egret spot illustration in ode to the namesake of the restaurant, Louis Zampini. You might recognize that name as the hero of the film Unbreakable, which was based on a true story. Louis was a World War II veteran, a Japanese POW, and owner Ron Salisbury’s babysitter growing up. Louie had a huge impact on Ron. The Newport Great Egret is a bird local to Newport Beach, and in many ways similar to Louis: a fighter and a survivor.

Second, a seal dedicated to the many restaurants The Salisbury family has been building in Southern California since 1923. And lastly, a location seal in ode to Newport Beach.

Louies By The Bay Restaurant Booth view
Louies By The Bay Restaurant window View
Louies By The Bay Restaurant bar napkins at a bar next to a bowl of fruit
Louies By The Bay Restaurant Bar View
A woman holding a Louies By The Bay Restaurant Menu
Leather Check Presenter with Louies By The Bay Restaurant Logo next to a mixed drink
Louies By The Bay Restaurant Newport Beach Bay Patio Sign

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Louies By The Bay Restaurant Logo Seal

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