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Custom type for the Iron and Air Magazine

 Iron and Air Magazine Cover Design and Masthead Custom Type

Check it off the bucket list! We got to collaborate with Iron and Air on a special edition cover for their Art x Design Issue Volume Two. There were four special edition covers by artists, and we were so honored to be one of them. ⁠The special edition masthead is custom type, and the illustration is by yours truly. Inside Iron and Air’s Art x Design Issue Vol. 2 you’ll also find an interview with us! We talk about typography, inspiration, how we got into motorcycles and classic cars, Amy’s vintage ’72 Mercedes 280SEL, and so much more. Part of the project with Iron and Air was to create a custom lettered wordmark for the special edition. We came up with this funky, chunky, but also speedy looking number. The little “Vol. Two” Seal Lockup was also a fun element we created. Inspired by the amazing hand painted lettering on drag racing cars.⁠⁠

Huge thanks to Adam Fitzgerald and Gregory George Moore for letting us be a part of this!⁠

Head to www.ironandair.com to grab a copy.

Creative Director

Gregory George Moore


— Custom Type
— Illustration

Read the interview with Amy and Jen Hood in Iron & Air’s Art x Design Vol 2 by grabbing a copy Issue 38 of Iron & Air.

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