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Goodtype Rebrand

If you’re a fan of type and lettering, you’re likely familiar with Goodtype, an Instagram-account-turned type-inspiration-destination founded by Brooke Robinson. When Goodtype recently merged with Loomier (an incredible creative entrepreneur community) to bring more ongoing education and deeper engagement to the outfit, they knew it was time for a rebrand. While Goodtype had been incredible at featuring lettering and type artists, it had never fully uncovered its own distinct identity.

As long-time followers, we at Hoodzpah were honored to be brought on board to help with the Goodtype rebrand. Our goal was to embody who Goodtype is:
1. Expert but relate-able (positioning and tone): a welcoming, down-to-earth community that’s serious about type.
2. Inspiring but empowering (content and purpose):
A source of inspiring and actionable input to help you get better output in your own lettering and type journey. Good type and good business.


— Discovery & Strategy
— Custom Wordmark
— Typography & Color
— Social Templates
— Icon Set


— Animations by Ethan Silva, Bad Lucky Studio

Primary Wordmark

Goodtype logo wordmark

Stacked Wordmark

Goodtype logo stacked wordmark


Goodtype logo G avatar white

Wordmark and Secondary Marks

Our goal with the logo was to create a decorative wordmark that wouldn’t need an icon to be iconic. The custom wordmark is a modern take on a classic blackletter. It feels confident and creative without leaning into any obvious trends.

Supporting iconography helps Goodtype label their content in a visual way. A set of secondary badges give the team alternate ways to leave their mark on collateral and goods.

Goodtype rebrand motto seal
Goodtype rebrand guest curator seal
Goodtype rebrand icons mobile


Goodtype rebrand craft icon


Goodtype rebrand community icon


Goodtype rebrand inspiration icon


Goodtype rebrand business icon

Color Palette

Goodtype rebrand color palette
Goodtype rebrand color palette mobile
Goodtype rebrand avatar colors stacked

Typography & Layout

We wanted it to be easy for Goodtype to make quick event and social graphics that looked cohesive. When you’re gathering photos from different curators or guest speakers it can look jumbled really quickly. Our layouts rely on the brand’s vibrant color palette and a playful but bold typography system. Enter Margo, the beautiful calligraphy script by HEX available on Future Fonts. The supporting typeface is Griffith Gothic by Tobias Frere-Jones, a font family with lots of range for body and subheaders.

Goodtype rebrand type pairing
Goodtype rebrand type pairing etc
Goodtype rebrand type pairing mobile
Goodtype rebrand type pairing mobile 2

Social Media Templates

Goodtype Rebrand Guest Curator Templates Lauren Hom
Goodtype Rebrand Guest Curator Templates Jon Contino
Goodtype Rebrand Guest Curator Templates Erik Marinovich
Goodtype Rebrand Guest Curator Templates Cymone Wilder
Goodtype rebrand Milton Glaser
Goodtype rebrand Ade Hogue
Goodtype rebrand Dana Tanamachi
Goodtype rebrand Herb Lubalin
Goodtype Event Templates 06
Goodtype Event Templates 08
Goodtype Event Templates 07
Goodtype Event Templates 09
Goodtype rebrand tip

Applications & Etc.

Goodtype Rebrand Notecards Pile
Goodtype sweatshirt
Goodtype rebrand books

“When we started thinking about our rebrand, we knew we had to reach out to the Hood sisters. They have an effortlessly cool design aesthetic and a super modern vibe that we knew we wanted a piece of! But their skills go far beyond just making stuff look good.

Where they really shine is in the strategy behind the scenes. From the get-go, Amy and Jen asked all the right questions and uncovered the how and why of our brand before ever putting pencil to paper.

As entrepreneurs and business owners themselves, they brought a uniquely thoughtful understanding of our business which elevated the final design and had us saying ‘YES’ at every stage of the process.”

– Katie and Ilana, co-owners of Goodtype

Visit goodtype.us for upcoming events, and follow @goodtype on social for all the type inspiration your retinas can handle.

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