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Gents ginger ale with ginger and lemon ingredients

Gents Ginger Ale Brand Identity

Gents Original founder, Tim Jones, brought Hoodzpah branding agency on board to design a logo, identity system, and define the style for his new Kentucky-made soda company. The project started with a focus on the Ginger Beer branding. He wanted something that transported you back to the good ole days; something that felt at home on a country store shelf next to a bottle of Jones Soda or 7Up. To get this vintage, retro logo feel, we took a hand-drawn lettering approach. We made sure the lettering style had plenty of grit and personality; characteristics reflective of the colorful Southern, do-it-yourself attitude upon which Gents Original was built.


— Logo Identity System and Secondary Marks
— Custom Lettered Wordmark
— Collateral: Poster Designs and Stickers
— Bottle Label Design

Gents Ginger Ale logo set and brand colors

Labels & Collateral

Once the core identity elements were done, we set the tone for the product design and labeling, starting with bottle labels and bottle neck accents for their Ginger Ale brew. A lot of the initial roll out was promotional posters and stickers to give out at Farmer’s Markets and Events to get people excited and talking about Gents.

Gents Ginger Ale Booth
Gents Ginger Ale Growler
GENTS Ginger Ale illustrated poster showing a bottle, farm, and ingredients
Ginger ale label design for Gents
Gents Giner Ale brand identity - logo and packaging

Secondary Elements

Since Tim is a fellow designer, we really just needed to equip him with all of the pieces and let him loose on the world to wreak carbonated havoc. We set colors, fonts, and more in a simple brand guidelines book for him and his team.

From there we designed a system of secondary pieces and textured illustrations that could easily be drawn upon for application on labels, growlers, truck/car decals, pennants, tees and stickers. Essentially we gave him all the pieces he needed to establish a cohesive and recognizable brand presence. The result of our efforts: a brand that lives comfortably between the deep rooted Bourbon culture of Lexington, KY and the growing craft cocktail scene sweeping the nation.

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Gents Ginger Ale Bottle Caps

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