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Facebook Sticker Pack Design: Flu Season

Yep. You read it right. We designed a Facebook Sticker Pack. Life is downhill from here. When we got the message to our info email with “Facebook” in the subject line, our office exploded like a Championship Nascar party. Champagne was falling like rain, confetti cannons exploded, and we were wearing jackets we bought with Marlboro UPC points. Metaphorically. We were excited beyond belief to work with the company. I mean, it’s about time we make some $$$ back on all the hours we’ve invested keeping tabs on friends and enemies on there. Our Facebook sticker pack is called “Flu Season” and eulogizes the phlegmiest, saddest moments of being the illest. The Facebook team was tops start to finish, and we couldn’t be more honored to have been a part of making your messages more colorful and sneezy.

Creative Direction
and Design

Jennifer Hood

Facebook Stickers Design Program Manager

Liz Sparber




Facebook Flu Season Sticker Set Design by Hoodzpah

Our sticker pack has been sent millions of times globally on Facebook.

According to Facebook data

Spread them like germs!

Grab the Flu Season Sticker set while it’s available here.

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