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Eterneva Rebrand – Diamonds from Ashes

Eterneva is on a mission to change the death industry, and the way we memorialize the ones we love. The company creates diamonds from cremations ashes, offering a bright, positive way to celebrate a loved one or pet’s life. About a year after starting Eterneva, as they continued acquiring investors and customers, founders Adelle Archer and Garrett Ozar realized they needed a more elevated, ownable brand identity. They enlisted our help at Hoodzpah, and we were hooked on the product and purpose of the company from day one. For more on Eterneva, see them on InstagramYoutubeFacebook, and Product Hunt.


Eterneva Memorial Diamond - Diamonds made from ashes | Product Hunt Embed

Creative Direction
and Design

Jennifer Hood

Studio Photography

Scott Snyder (website)

Lifestyle Photography

Niki Cram (website)


— Logo System
— Typography, Color, Illustrations
— Sales and Marketing Collateral
— Brand Guidelines
— Messaging
— Packaging
— Displays
— Social Media and Email Templates
— Photography Styling and Direction

Eterneva logo set

Familiarizing the unfamiliar

The service of turning a loved one or pet into a memorial diamond is fairly unheard of. Not only that, but the sale would happen almost completely online, through the Eterneva website. So it was pivotal that we help Eterneva create a sense of warmth, positivity, and trust through the new brand identity. Customers who had never heard of memorial diamonds needed to be put at ease through messaging, visuals, and collateral that speak to the quality and care of Eterneva’s service.

A bright, personal, and welcoming brand identity

We worked with Adelle Archer, Garrett Ozar, and their team to zero in on Eterneva’s core values, personality, purpose. Our final statement of purpose: Eterneva celebrates remarkable lives by making diamonds from ashes. We focused on the hope the diamond brings, and the life that is being celebrated (not the death that is being mourned). The resulting logo, type, color and identity mirrored those themes: a bright, personal, yet elevated identity for a company that is giving the world a remarkable way to memorialize their loved ones. Throughout the collateral, messaging and photos, our vision was the same: to capture a hopeful way to carry a loved one through our lives, without minimizing the grief that comes from losing them.

A display to woo the sharks

An exciting part of Eterneva’s brand project, was to work on their set display for their Shark Tank appearance. We worked with them to build out a scene that would communicate their powerful customer experience, the emotional connection of a memorial diamond, and the beauty of their product. By the end of the show, they left with Mark Cuban as an investor! He’s been an incredible advisor and ally for them already.

Display for Eterneva on Shark Tank

Watch our discovery and logo process with Eterneva on Adobe Live

We were excited to share our discovery and logo design process live with the Adobe Live crew. Across three sessions we go from research to rough concepts, proofs, and final product. Watch the logo unfold below!

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