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Butterscotch Motor and Coffee Logo System

Butterscotch is a brand new mens shop in the East Arts Village of Long Beach. Catering to those who love 2 wheels, good coffee, and well made clothes that look great and last. Butterscotch founder, Tommy Kerns, has many years in the apparel industry under his belt. It only made sense that he would eventually forge out on his own. The shop, completely built by Tommy and his dad and mom (who drove out from Ohio for a month to lay concrete, build walls, and do anything else that needed doing), is a blend of simplicity and grit. In the same vein, the Butterscotch Motor and Coffee Logo needed to feel simple and classic, with a bit of grit and edge.


Butterscotch Motor & Bean


— Logo Identity System

The Coffee Aspect

Within Butterscotch there is a coffee bar where you can sit with a cup of coffee and tackle emails. We designed alternate marks and badges which were made into stamps to easily brand the cups. The coffee side of the shop is a nice way to encourage patrons and friends to swing in and hang out and hopefully something on the shelves catches their eye.

The Logo System

Tommy is very much a DIY man, so for this logo project we knew that all we had to do was give him a fully built out system of wordmarks, icons, and secondary logo marks to run with. From there he made signs, got custom etched hangers ordered, had windows painted, and ordered shop tees. The idea was to brand everything with the logos and begin to build audience recognition and just get things rolling instead of spending unnecessary time and resources on custom graphics at the jump. Those can come down the line once the shop is running smoothly.

Visit Butterscotch:

Brick & Mortar:
132 Linden Ave
Long Beach, CA. 90802

Online Shop:

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