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Bikram Yoga Irvine Rebrand

Bikram Yoga Irvine has been a Hoodzpah client since the early days so when Jeff and the BYI team asked Hoodzpah to tackle their rebrand we were all in. Yoga is often perceived as an exercise for waif-like women with bodies bendier than Gumby. BYI wanted to set the story straight on the Bikram Yoga practice and create a minimal brand that let people know that Bikram done properly is beneficial for all genders, body types, and ages.



Nikki Cram


— Creative Direction & Discovery Phase
— Brand Identity System
— Logo System
— Type & Color
— Brand Guidelines
— Illustration Pack
— Simple style guide for website
— Collateral & Marketing Pieces
— Environemental Design

Bikram Yoga Website illustration

The Logo and Brand Guidelines:

The old Bikram Yoga Irvine logo and brand was very cheeky and sarcastic. With the rebrand BYI wanted to keep the fun spirit (and a little of that cheek), but lean more into education and inclusion. The main difference between them and most other Bikram Yoga studios is that they practice the full 90 minute sequence as it was originally intended. So their brand new tagline was “We do it all 90 long.” and we leaned into that theme. The icon shows one full circle with a half circle within it representing a 90 minute cycle on a clock. In the BYI monogram we saw an opportunity to play with the theme of inclusion: each letter connecting into the next, united by a circle. After the logo system was finalized we defined a set of brand guidelines for Bikram Yoga Irvine to keep the brand consistent.

The Illustration System:

The Bikram Yoga Irvine team is phenomenal with their marketing efforts. They offer New Student Discounts, Loyalty Discounts, and hold 30 Day Challenges to encourage clients to bring new friends. We created an illustration style rooted in mid-century modern aesthetics (bold, flat colors that pop on a poster or instagram post) that could be applied across the board with our type system for quick and engaging graphics when a new Special needs to be promoted ASAP.

BYI illustration of guy doing pose on diving board by Hoodzpah


With all the advertising and marketing efforts Bikram Yoga Irvine implements, there was consequently oodles and oodles of fun collateral for the Hoodzpah team to make. Furthermore here’s some of the things we made:

  • Schedule Cards
  • Registration Cards
  • Enamel Pins and card backs
  • Business Cards
  • Posters (Class Specials, Etiquette, Rates, etc.)
  • Mens and Womens Bathroom signage
  • Locker Room and Shower notice clings
  • Vinyl Decals (Storefront, Shop, Fridges, etc.)


BYI and Hoodzpah wanted the website to be not only a place to easily schedule a class, but also to be educated about the Bikram practice. Frequently Asked Questions have a huge portion of the website’s dedication. Correct Posture, What to Expect and What to Bring to your first class, and Bikram Yoga Etiquette. The key to creating a space where all feel welcome is being transparent and forthright with information. The BYI is a modified wordpress theme with customized illustrations, icons, and widgets to add personality. Visit www.bikramyogairvine.com to poke around and maybe even schedule a class!

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