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Best Picture Art Show

Best Picture Art Show Poster by Hoodzpah


— Illustration
— Layout


So honored that Timba Smits and Little White Lies magazine included us in their Best Picture art show 71a in London. Here’s the piece that Amy Hood worked on for 2016’s Best Picture Academy Award Winner, Spotlight. Such a powerful movie. Timba helped us brainstorm on how to make a poster that focused on the positive message of the movie that there is power in the truth. Can’t wait to hang this poster up on our wall as a daily reminder of that. To see all the amazing artist reimagining of the last 20 years of Best Picture winners (including MUTI Pavlov Visuals and Telegramme Paper Co. and more) and to grab a poster of your own, visit www.lwlies.com. Huge thanks to Little White Lies magazine and The Daydream Club (Timba), for including us!


Here’s some links to Timba and Little White Lies, because, their feeds are so inspiring and fun:


Timba Smits:

Little White Lies Magazine:

The Daydream Club:

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