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10x is an annual ritual in which a select group of artists create visual interpretations of their favorite albums of the year, curated by Eric R. Mortensen x Skinny Ships. They provide a template size, a set color palette, and 10x logos, then the rest is up to the artists! For 10×19, 34 artists were selected to participate, including the Hood twins of Hoodzpah. See our redesigns of our favorite albums below. To see all the artists work, the amazing custom website Skinny Ships built, and to find playlists for each day of the countdown visit www.10×19.co.


Amy Hood & Jen Hood


— Illustration
— Layout

Jen Hood’s Picks

The Highwomen album cover by Jen Hood for 10x19

1. The Highwomen

The Highwomen
Favorite Track: Crowded Table

While the cover of “Highwaymen” (originally by the supergroup of the same name made up of Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, and Waylon Jennings) is incredible with the new lyrics, I have to go with Crowded Table, which is an anthem to camaraderie.

Custom type done in house with rugged texture effect thanks to True Grit Texture Supply Atomica action.

2. Lana Del Rey

Norman Fucking Rockwell
Favorite Track: The Greatest

Cheers to the beautiful woman who has masterfully remixed and reinvented my three favorite things in the world: California, emo, and power ballads. She’s both angsty and soft. It’s fabulous.

Lana Del Rey album cover by Jen Hood for 10x19

BonIver album cover by Jen Hood for 10x19

3. BonIver

Favorite Track: Hey Ma

Like listening to a dream. The plot jumps and doesn’t always makes sense, but it feels ethereal and real all at once.

4. King Princess

Hit the Back
Favorite Track: Prophet

Sassy and seductive. A lush voice over ridiculously catchy tunes you want to listen to while driving perhaps a little too fast on a Sunday night with no where particular as your destination.

King Princess album cover by Jen Hood for 10x19

Angel Olsen album cover by Jen Hood for 10x19

5. Angel Olsen

All Mirrors
Favorite Track: Lark

This song has been on repeat for me all year. Stripped back at first, and then she rises like a phoenix by second verse over a steady beat and movie-soundtrack-strings.

Custom type for “Angel Olson”.

6. Gang Starr

One of the Best Yet
Favorite Track: Family and Loyalty

Like listening to an old friend. Stripped back and nostalgic. Like uncovering the ancient shrine of the “late king who provided lyrical slaughter.”

Gang Starr album cover by Jen Hood for 10x19

Drab Majesty album cover by Jen Hood for 10x19

7. Drab Majesty

Modern Mirror
Favorite Track: The Other Side

Like listening to an unearthed underground record from the 80s. Retro Darkwave that’s great to work to.

8. Willie Nelson

Ride Me Back Home
Favorite Track: Grandpa’s Immigrant Eyes – a Guy Clarke cover

A true legend still doing his thing to incredible results. I hope I’m this rad when I’m in my 80s.

Custom type for Willie Nelson.

Willie Nelson album cover by Jen Hood for 10x19

Vagabon album cover by Jen Hood for 10x19

9. Vagabon

Favorite Track: Full moon in Gemini

A vibey listen that’s mellow and yet motivating. Deep grooves always kick in by second lyric.

10. Lizzo

Cuz I Love You
Favorite Track: Jerome

Fun-as-hell-to-sing anthems by a fabulous woman with a serious set of pipes. What’s not to love?

Main “Lizzo” set in OHno Blazeface by OHno Type Co

Lizzo album cover by Jen Hood for 10x19

Amy Hood’s Picks

Lana Del Rey album cover by Amy Hood for 10x19

1. Lana Del Rey

Norman Fucking Rockwel
Favorite Track: Mariners Apartment Complex

Lana is the queen. She’s perfect for every mood and every time of day. I love sad music. So… I love Lana. This album reminds me so much of driving home on PCH, listening to sad songs loud, crossing the bridge home onto the Peninsula.

2. Post Malone

Hollywood’s Bleeding
Favorite Track: A Thousand Bad Times

I cannot help but love Post Malone. Feels like he can master any sound on this album: pop, rock, r&b, rap… And it’s all so catchy. Feels like half the album could be a radio single. He also gets the most amazing range of collaborators (Ozzy, SZA, Swae Lee).

Post Malone album cover by Amy Hood for 10x19

Agnel Oslen Album Cover by Amy Hood for 10x19

3. Angel Olsen

All Mirrors
Favorite Track: Lark

Angel has this incredible dichotomy in her voice and music: sheer power mixed with shaking vulnerability. For someone with high highs and low lows, I guess I connect with this.

4. The Growlers

Natural Affair
Favorite Track: Try Hard Fool

What do Slayer, Social Distortion, and Dashboard Confessional have in common? Fans that are loyal as hell. The Growlers are no different. I’ll love everything they put out. Gritty vocals about love, brotherhood, vanity, anxiety, and Constar machines shining in the moonlight – all set to the tune of fuzzy surf rock.

The Growlers album cover by Amy Hood for 10x19

Drab Majesty album cover by Amy Hood for 10x19

5. Drab Majesty

Modern Mirror
Favorite Track: Ellipsis

This is the best music to daze out and design to. If I have to do logo comps and I really want to get in the zone I put this on. It’s a futuristic, droning, new wave, electronic goth rock.

6. Susto

Ever Since I Lost My Mind
Favorite Track: Last Century

Susto is like Wilco meets the Strokes: there’s folky acoustic moments and electric, rock n roll, howling like a banshee moments. The whole album is solid start to finish. I never have to click the “next” button.

Susto album cover by Amy Hood for 10x19

7. Michael Kiwanuka album cover by Amy Hood 10x19

7. Michael Kiwanuka

Favorite Track: I’ve Been Dazed

Dreamy vocals (Kiwanukas and his amazing back up singers), rock n’ roll guitars, and the perfect mix of raucous jammers and somber ballads. He even manages to work a harp into a few songs. I love the variation and mixing of sounds.

8. ELO

From Out of Nowhere
Favorite Track: From Out of Nowhere

How the heck is Jeff Lynne still spinning music gold after 50 years? Most bands are lucky to have a few hits, but Jeff Lynne has written some of the greatest songs of the last 5 decades and he still manages to release an album with catchy songs you’ve memorized the hook to before they’re even over. Jeff Lynne, you are an English treasure.

ELO album cover by Amy Hood for 10x19

Kevin Morby album cover by Amy Hood for 10x19

9. Kevin Morby

Oh My God
Favorite Track: Nothing Sacred/All Things Wild

Choir vocals, jazzy piano, saxophone! This mellow concept album is great for working, driving, and couch-potato-ing.

10. Gang Starr

One of The Best Yet
Favorite Track: Family and Loyalty

Gang Starr have always been one of my favorite rap duos. Call me nostalgic for the 90s, but I am so glad MC Guru’s last recordings have been released with the DJ Premiere treatment.

Gang Starr album cover by Amy Hood for 10x19

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