10×17: Ten Best Albums of 2017 Reimagined

10x is an annual ritual in which a select group of artists create visual interpretations of their favorite albums of the year, curated by Eric R. Mortensen x Skinny Ships. For 10×17, 26 artists were selected to participate, including the Hood twins of Hoodzpah. To see all the artists work and to find playlists for each day of the countdown visit www.10×17.co.


Jennifer Hood
Amy Hood



— Illustration
— Layout

Diet Cig Album Art Reimagined by Amy Hood Mouth smoking cigarette in compact

10. Swear I’m Good At This

Diet Cig
Favorite Track: Blob Zombie

Alex Luciano perfectly depicts the inner 21 year old still inside of me (although much less manic): all confidence one minute and then all unsurity the next, ready to make my stamp on the world, earnest as all hell, and all about loud, distorted guitars. http://dietcig.com

9. Vol 1 and Vol 2

Deer Tick
Favorite Track: Don’t Hurt

I’m all about the acoustic and electric companion albums. When I’m in a mellow mood I pick Volume 1, and when I’m ready for throat strained, gritty rock n’ roll I go for Volume 2. https://deertickmusic.com/

Deer Tick Album Art Reimagined by Amy Hood - Vintage Country Lettering

Ryan Adams Album Art Reimagined by Amy Hood - Broken Handcuff

8. Prisoner

Ryan Adams
Favorite Track: Outbound Train

Ryan Adam’s Heartbreaker is one of my top 10 favorite albums ever and this kind of feels like a return to that. I also love that sometimes during the instrumental bars I forget that I’m not listening to Bruce Springsteen. http://paxamrecords.com/

7. Sleep Well Beast

The National
Favorite Track: The System Dreams in Total Darkness

This is the most excited and raucous I’ve heard The National in years and I’m all on board. http://americanmary.com/

The National Album Reimagined by Amy Hood Spooky Rivers Edge

Alt-J Album Cover Reimagined by Amy Hood - Island scene with palm trees and rainbow

6. Relaxer

Favorite Track: 3WW

Alt-J always manages to find the perfect meeting place between originality/wierdness and listenability. They have yet to make a bummer album. http://www.altjband.com/

5. Damn.

Kendrick Lamar
Favorite Track: GOD.

If Kung Fu Kenny didn’t deliver enough on this album front to back, then try listening to it backwards. Upped my feels for it 100%. It changes the tone of his earnest from more aggressive to more reflective at the outset. The pace builds and crescendos. The tracks start to unfold like a story of self, which he has said he intended. Want you to know, Kendrick, we’re praying for you. http://www.kendricklamar.com/

Damn. By Kendrick Lamar Reimagined by Jennifer Hood Bible in Lighting Clouds

Drake Album Cover Reimagined by Amy Hood - number 4 with Drake's face

4. More Life

Favorite Track: Madiba Riddim

This is probably my favorite Drake album yet. It’s got just enough vulnerability and just enough ego and killer beats and melodies. And best yet, it mostly denies the instict towards comparison Drake you usually makes: comparison of the past, comparison of ex lovers and friends, comparison of peers. Mostly. haha http://www.drakeofficial.com/

3. White Noise

Noah Gunderson
Favorite Track: Hard Metals

This album feels like it travels through genres and decades. It reminds me of the college radio station I used to listen to growing up; and going to shows at The End and 328 Performance Hall in Nashville. http://noahgundersenmusic.com/

Noah Gundersen Album Cover Reimagined by Amy Hood - Static with custom lettering

War on Drugs album cover reimagined by Amy Hood - Custom lettering and Adams face

2. A Deeper Understanding

War on Drugs
Favorite Track: Holding On

It’s so rare to find good Rock n’ Roll these days, and Adam Granduciel has been holding it down for years. http://www.thewarondrugs.net/

1. Pure Comedy

Father John Misty
Favorite Track: So I’m Growing Old on Magic Mountain

I love FJM because he commentates on the ridiculousness of these modern times while also addressing his own ridiculousness for perhaps taking himself too seriously. One minute he’s explaining in great detail just wrong with it all, and the next line he tells us he actually still knows nothing. https://www.fatherjohnmisty.com/

Father John Misty album cover reimagined by Amy Hood - custome lettering with skeleton clowns