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New Work: Almond Surf


When we first started Hoodzpah, one of our very first clients was Almond Surf. At the time they were located on Old Newport Road in Newport Beach. It was this sweaty little shop filled with the most beautiful retro tinged boards and clothing, spearheaded by a guy our own age named Dave Alee, and his talented team of friends and family. We were so stoked to get to be a part of the magic they were creating.

Fast forward about 10 years and we’re all still here, a feat in and of itself for a small business, and we’re all still doing what we love, and finding ways to collab and make cool stuff. We teamed up with Almond Surfboards again this year to do a couple of fun pieces for their Spring/Fall line of clothing, accessories, and boards. Be sure to check out their shop (either in person in Costa Mesa, or online) and order early for the holidays! The 5’4 and 6’4 R-Series boards are on backstock, but there are some 8’0 Joy’s left, so get on it quick!

Almond R series Hoodzpah pattern 1400px
Almond tee front 1400px
Almond tee back 1400px
Almond R series Hoodzpah pattern 1400px detail
Almond Surfboards embroidered hat patch by Hoodzpah

Got some #hoodfonts in use too!

Customized Santa Ana Sans and Beverly Drive for the tee and the hat patch (coming soon to the shop).

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