Wier / Stewart’s Epic Form-field Letterpress Business Card Design

Remember that time we went to Georgia to speak at the Creative South design conference? Well we met some amazing graphic designers out there, including the fine entrepreneurs behind Wier/Stewart, an advertising agency and creative firm in Augusta, GA. They’re from the other, lesser known, lesser famed, and lesser bleached and tucked Orange County, sadly for them. It was a cause of some initial contention between Daniel Stewart (Wier/Stewart’s studio director) and I, but we were able to settle the hostilities with a shared beer and a redirect of the conversation from counties to celebrity doppelgangers. With enough beers and the right angle of dim bar lighting, Alex Wier, Wier/Stewart’s creative director, looks shockingly like Bradly Cooper.

Business cards were exchanged, as is done at conferences, and enlightenment followed. Wier/Stewart’s business cards are some of the coolest we’ve seen. These letterpress business cards were printed at Mama’s Sauce (other speakers at Creative South with us) and were designed with utmost functionality in mind. What is more functional then a form-field style business card where you can either stamp or pen in your name, then check the marks that make up your title at the time? No more wasted cards because of promotion (or dare we say demotion). No more wasted cards on employees who have moved on (or dare we say passed on). There’s nothing bland or boring about it, and it’s efficient as all hell. Props to these guys. These cards are expert.[/two_third]

Creep on Wier/Stewart yourself at: www.wierstewart.com



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