“When You’re A Stranger”

Today we launch our fun side project “When You’re A Stranger” at www.whenyoureastranger.com, populated with posts from yours truly and some of our favorite creatives from around the world. The idea was born one night when Jen and I were sitting at a bakery in Laguna Beach with our designer friend, Sara Wilkins who was in town after a strange/hilario run-in with the guy behind the counter.

We had just been discussing how it would be great to have a design side project we could all work on together to keep us tied to one another even when Sara was in Portland and we were in California.

We recalled this great exercise we had just seen on Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman’s blog 40daysofdating.com. They illustrated their exes. We thought, what if we took that basic concept, but we illustrated these funny experiences (like the one we had just experienced) that happen to everyone in the average day to day. It could be a great way for us all to stretch our creative muscles and a good excuse to create cool designs without any client constraints. We could even use it as an opportunity to test out new design styles or techniques. We would create a site where we could upload the graphics in a blog format and where we could have our some of our talented friends from around the world submit posts too. The idea was born.

As soon as I got home that night I drew our first post dedicated to our awkward run in with the baker that night. The next day I brainstormed name ideas with the girls and – all of us being classic rock fans – we decided on “when you’re a stranger,” based on the song by the Doors. It fit the site perfectly. We created a retro/horror themed logo to co-incide with the name and got to work on the website.

Follow the Project

The whole team at Hoodzpah will be posting at least one experience each a month. On top of that you will find new experiences being posted by new designers every day as our contributor list grows.  To stay up to date on all the strange goings-on, follow us on twitter at @YoureAStranger. You can also find us by using the hashtag #PeopleAreStrange on twitter, facebook or instagram where all of our designer posse will be sharing their pieces.

Want to Contribute?

Are you a designer who wants to contribute your strange experiences made into graphic representations? Shoot us an email at admin@whenyoureastranger.com for consideration! Know of a designer you think should contribute? Share the site with them! This is a spot for all to find humor and inspiration in everyday life.

Check out the branding for “When You’re A Stranger”!



Listening to:
“Well, You Can Do It Without Me”
by Father John Misty



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