What never stops inspiring us? #WhatShouldWeCallMe

“When I meet someone who knows my ex’s new girlfriend.”

Every once in a while you hit the Great Wall of China sized creative block in a project and just need to get lost in one of the many black holes of the internet to cope with it. Here’s one of our favorite sources of inspiration, time erosion, and hilarity: a blog called #WhatShouldWeCallMe.

The blog collects .gifs and applies fitting scenarios to the scene. It’s classic .gifs with added context. Example, the above .gif’s caption of context reads, “When I meet someone who knows my ex’s new girlfriend.” Besides being a hilarious premises, who doesn’t love Maurice Moss from The IT Crowd? If you have no clue what that is, do yourself a favor and go look it up. I think it’s still on instant watch on Netflix. It’s a British sitcom, now off air, about the IT department at a large company. It’s sitcom gold.

Finder’s fee for the blog goes to our friend, Lindsey Bro, who always knows what’s hapennin’.

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