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Adobe Fonts Show Ep. 56: Behind the Fonts with Hoodzpah

Amy and Jennifer Hood join Wacko Chacko (Ashwin Chacko) for a creative chat.


The Fruitful Life Podcast

Amy and Jennifer Hood join Wacko Chacko (Ashwin Chacko) for a creative chat.


Jesse Nyberg Podcast Ep.43

Joined Jesse Nyberg to talk fonts, how LAND could probably make Myriad cool, how drawing S’s make us want to quit type design, gatekeeping and more!


Live Illustration w/Hoodzpah: Ep 16

Join Amy Hood and Bea Morgan as Amy works on some font specimen illustrations for Hoodzpah friends (and clients), Fort Foundry. We'll walk you through how we work with a client, and what we think makes for a great font specimen graphic.


Live Logo Design w/Hoodzpah: Ep 15

Join Amy Hood and Bea Morgan as Amy designs a logo live for pretend company Maxwell Auto. The logo will be a part of the specimen graphics for our font Chapman Ave, and will provide an example way to use the font. It's like a podcast with visuals to keep you company while you work.


LiveDesign w/Hoodzpah: Serif Lettering (pt. 2) Ep 14

Join Amy Hood and Bea Morgan as Amy wraps up the "Not Easy But Not Impossible" lettering piece.


Design Livestream: Ep. 13

Join us for some live design with Amy Hood and Bea Morgan of Hoodzpah, Inc.


How to: Retro, Grainy Texture in Photoshop (1-Min. Tutorial!)

This is our tried and trusted quick photoshop trick to making our graphics look perfectly aged, and retro, and grainy. Just takes 1 minute in Photoshop. Filmed with Amy Hood, co-founder and principle designer at Hoodzpah, Inc. on a summer day outside in Southern California.


Custom Typography LIVE Pt 2 w/Hoodzpah

Join us as we wrap up our custom type piece, a chapter opener for the upcoming 2nd edition print of our book, "Freelance and Business and Stuff: A Guide for Creatives"


Introducing: Santa Ana Sans Typeface

Introducing Santa Ana Sans, the semi condensed pseudo geometric sans typeface from Hoodzpah. It's got versatility and style: like an El Camino. Available now: https://hoodzpahdesign.com/product/santa-ana-sans/


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