The Hoodrats’ Toolbox: Team Treehouse

I always wanted a treehouse of my own as a child; somewhere I could hide away, make beautiful things and learn new skills. I never did get one as a youngling (thanks overprotective parentals!) but now I have my own digital version:

Team Treehouse!

What is Treehouse?

Team Treehouse has created an easy-to-use learning program to tackle a wide variety of development languages and projects – coding languages that is. Best part? It’s an online program making it accessible from anywhere – your desk, the beach, poolside in Palm Springs with a mai tai – anywhere with wifi.

I am one of those semi-old school print designers; heck, I learned QuarkXpress for desktop publishing when I was in school (pre-magical-InDesign days). Needless to say, I’ve found getting into coding and web development a bit daunting. But I fret no more! Because of Team Treehouse.

Learning Tracks

Treehouse has broken down all these different topics into learning tracks.  Tracks include: Front End Web Development, Web Design, Rails Development, iOS Development and lots more. They even cover WordPress Development and Starting a Business! Each track is broken down by chapters, full of videos and simultaneous practical application within their workspaces. A friendly expert in the field teaches you for about 5-10 minutes on a certain skill, and then that lesson is tested with a quiz. In the Web Design track you actually build a functioning website along with your teacher. This hands on approach makes learning these new languages easy to understand and, dare I say it, fun! Right now I am working through the Front End Web Development Track and I feel like the lessons are really sinking in and actually sticking as I code along.


Keep all your learning in one spot. Treehouse allows you to code in their virtual workspace environment, without saving files to your own machine so you can access your learning from any computer. It also clearly shows you when code is broken or missing by highlighting that line in a warning color.


Some topic not quite clicking? Get some extra help and focused advice from other Team Treehouse members on their active forums.

Positive Reinforcement

Each chapter ends with a mini-quiz that checks your work as you go. Sometimes it’s a multiple choice, other times you have to write a line or two of code. As you complete quizzes and chapters, you get points and achievements! Hooray for the gamification of learning! Pavlov was onto something.

Not sure where to start? Head to the Library.

Check out the Library to see the wide variety of topics that Team Treehouse covers. Browse by topic, type, difficulty or explore before starting a Track.

Get in on this action!

With a Basic account clocking in at $25/monthly and a Pro account at $49/monthly, you can definitely get your monies worth. Like most things, the relationship between what you put in and what you get out are directly proportional. Sign up for a free trial here and get 14 days for free to see how much Treehouse can teach you.


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