The Creative Stylings of Illustrator Stephen Maurice Graham

The other day I somehow came off the whirling roundabout that is the internet and found myself on the blog of illustrator Stephen Maurice Graham. I was immediately sucked in by his loose, and garishly colored illustrations and comics. This guy pumps out work as fast as Ryan Adams or Bob Dylan. You can tell it just pours out of him and he can’t help but put it on paper. Here’s a sampling of the goodies I found on his site. His color schemes are absolutely brilliant. Bon appetit.

tumblr_m5zafiEWr91r04068o1_500 tumblr_mhy85baW5t1r04068o1_500 tumblr_ml3mxtjPqW1r04068o1_1280 tumblr_mljvhsQTAm1r04068o1_500 tumblr_mm2p4zIv7f1r04068o1_500 tumblr_mo37bavBtu1r04068o4_500


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