That Time Justin Soileau Came By…

Justin Soileau is our Texas Tulip (which we’ve almost convinced him should be the name of his next album). We’ve done so many fun posters for this guy. He was finally back on the California coast for a few days and condescended to grace us with his presence. A list of some of the topics covered in our mini-hang:

  • Sweating your balls off in this miserable heat
  • Why men love talking about their bits
  • When and if men ever grow out of that
  • His upcoming kids album where he talks about butts, boogers, and bugs
  • His new nickname, Texas Tulip
  • If our best years are behind us and we’re just churning out shite now?
  • How he should title his next album “Our best years are behind us and we’re just churning out shite.”
  • His possible career as a small business jingle writer.



Listening To:
“Underneath Our Palms”
By The Growlers



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