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The Business of Creative

APRIL 27 & 28, 2020

Creative Works Skill Camp is a 2-day, 16-hour masterclass on starting, growing, and enjoying your own creative business! (AKA: banishing the sleepless nights, self doubt, stress sweats, and under-quoting).


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Get ready to level up!

Dreaming of working for yourself? Of having the freedom to work when and how you need to. Of creating the kind of work you’re passionate about, and getting paid well for it? Or maybe you’ve started your own creative business, but you don’t feel confident in how you’re quoting, presenting pricing, branding yourself, positioning yourself, or communicating your value. We’ll help you level up to that place you’ve been dreaming of!

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“I would 14/10 recommend taking the Business of Creative class by the Hood sisters.”

– Katie Cooper of Real Tenacious, 2019 Attendee

A masterclass for creatives who want to make good money while doing what they love

This 2-day, deep dive course is based on a professional practices course we taught to creatives at LCAD (Laguna College of Art and Design). It’s for creatives of all walks and levels (Designers, illustrators, photographers, videographers, writers, etc.).

We’ll get super transparent with real numbers, real stories from our experience, and real looks at our own proposal and proof decks. This course is for creatives just starting out, and seasoned studio owners alike. Even for creatives working in house who want to learn the business side of things.

“Jen and Amy’s Skill Camp was the best investment in myself I could have made, and I’ll forever reap the benefits of their exercises and friendship.”

– Chris Porter of Creative Punch Marketing Group, 2019 Attendee

The Business of Creative class hard at work during Skill Camp 2019

Together, we’ll dive into

Your Brand

— Positioning yourself/your business
— Defining your core offering (to specialize or not?)
— Presenting your services / products in a compelling way
— Communicating the value of what you do
— Building your audience


Your Money

— Setting your pricing (and increasing your pricing)
— Creating a proposal that wins your client over
— Negotiating pricing
— Creating a budget, managing your financial health
— Planning your passive-income product
— Diversifying your revenue stream

Your Process

— Contracts, invoicing and client onboarding
— How to run a client discovery
— Creating proof templates that help get approvals
— Client management: how to lead a client for the best outcome
— Creating processes that make your life easier
— Courting dream clients



— Getting the work you want
— Promoting yourself in a way that doesn’t make you feel sleezy
— Turning one-time clients into repeat clients
— And as much more as we can squeeze time in for.

Only 22 Seats left out of 35!

Your $699 Ticket Includes

— 2 Days / 16 Hours worth of materials and exercises
— Business strategy to help you charge what you’re worth
— Personalized feedback from instructors on how to apply the content
— Proposal and Proof Deck templates you can use in your own business
— Worksheets to create your budget, pricing and business plan
— A workbook full of resources and reference material to take home
— A community of peers to think tank your business
— The kick in the pants you need to get started already!
— 2 keynote presentations at the end of each day (Jesse Bryan and Nishat Akhtar)

PLUS: They offer Pay As You Go to make it easier on your bank accounts.

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Class of 2019 Testimonials

“The Business of Creative Skill Camp forever changed how I showcase myself and my company. Jen and Amy do a stellar job of communicating from start to finish, and the vibe feels more like a conversation than a lesson…which allowed me to be focused and absorb a lot of wisdom and guidance. Thanks to everything I learned in Skill Camp, I met my yearly goals and beyond. Jen and Amy’s Skill Camp was the best investment in myself I could have made, and I’ll forever reap the benefits of their exercises and friendship.”

– Chris Porter, Creative Punch Marketing Group
2019 Attendee

Freelance and Business and Stuff workshop materials

The creative Works Skill Camp Hoodzpah class learning together

“I would 14/10 recommend taking the Business of Creative class by the Hood sisters. They gave me practical guidance when it came to managing my freelance business from the proposal process to pricing all the way to selling the value of my work successfully. Learning all these skills gave me the confidence to start charging my worth and take my clients through a streamlined branding process that is stress-free. If you’re new to starting your own business, taking this class will help you skip all those beginner mistakes! No regrets!”

– Katie Cooper, Real Tenacious
2019 Attendee

“Seriously some of the best info I’ve put into practice. A few times throughout the year I went back and referenced material in the workbook and the presentation for inspiration and guidance. You gals legit provided great content that helped me answer some of my larger hurdles. Biggest take away for me: start treating myself as a client to make time for biz dev.”

– Deanna Brown, Fins and Feathers
2019 Attendee

Creative Works Skill Camp 2019 Class taught by Hoodzpah hanging out

Hoodzpah Freelance Workshop #FABAS in San Francisco

“Such a fantastic event! I loved meeting designers from all over the country and learned so much at the Skill Camp with Hoodzpah Design Co. I especially loved their practical tips on time management, organization, and finding the confidence to pitch to the clients you want. I highly recommend it!”

– Angelina Pecoraro, Mint & Porter
2019 Attendee

“If you’re currently a freelance creative or thinking about making the big switch to being your own boss, this course is an absolute must. Not only will Jen & Amy arm you with the tools you need to succeed as your own studio and brand, but they will give you the confidence to present yourself in a way you never have before. As total design rockstars and serious bosses, they presented their working industry knowledge in the friendly Cali-cool way only they can. I think Jen & Amy’s course should be mandatory in every design school.”

– Gretchen Mayer, GretchenMayer.com
2019 Attendee

FABAS LA workshop by Hoodzpah Design

“I’ve read a few books on freelancing and watched videos and Skillshare classes on the subject, and they always seemed to leave me with a lot of unanswered questions. But this workshop was so packed with valuable information I felt like nothing was left out. It felt like I was given a blueprint to the industry. It really seemed like you guys were sharing secrets I couldn’t find anywhere else. I appreciated your honesty and your transparency when talking about finances and how to correspond with clients.”

– Glenn Kelly, glennkellystudio.com
2019 Attendee

“I took the Hoodzpah sisters’ ‘The Business of Creative’ course at Skill Camp in 2019 and it was one of the best decisions I made for my creative career since going fulltime freelance. I am an illustrator and artist with a fine art background, so taking a course like this was unlike anything I had ever done for myself. Nobody has ever been so clear with me about how to approach clients, pricing and how to tackle my brand as a creative. Being surrounded by designers and taught by two incredibly talented designers, I wasn’t sure how I was going to fit in as a more traditionally trained artist but the course was so well laid out it was easy for me to find my own space within the curriculum. 10 out of 10 would recommend.”

– Lindsay Stripling, www.lindsaystripling.com
2019 Attendee

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