Target Gift Card Design

About a year ago Target tweeted at us. They were trying to get a hold of our team for a Target gift card design project. After squealing and doing celebratory laps around the office, we got chatting with Target Art Director, Ashley Hohnstein. The project: to design a wedding themed gift card with custom envelopes. The Marriage Equality bill had just been passed, and Target wanted to make sure the illustration and card design were all embracing and not exclusionary in any way.


Amy Hood

Art Director

Ashley Hoenstein


Ashley sent over some rough sketches of what she had in mind and we began to ideate until we finalized on the following: Custom hand drawn lettering on the gift card, with a corresponding icon pattern for the envelope design, both featuring metallic silver because when you get married you go big. Target was a dream to work with and so organized and clear on their vision. We couldn’t be more pleased with how this turned out. Look for the gift card in the Greeting Card aisle at your local Target!