Sunset Cove Hotel Branding by Hoodzpah Design - business cards

Sunset Cove Villas Rebrand

Design & Direction

Jennifer Hood


Jake Kilroy


Chandler Wilcox

Sunset Cove Logo System by Hoodzpah in off white


Hospitality branding is a unique beast. We approached the rebrand of Sunset Cove Villas with the goal of distinguishing uniqueness while recalling a welcome familiarity. The logo design, identity system, website and collateral needed to encapsulate the wonder and warmth of the location, property, and staff. Sunset Cove Villas are luxury extended stay rentals in Laguna Beach. Sweeping oceanfront vistas, beachy casual environments, a central location near downtown hub, and highest quality amenities are the foundation of their loyal client base.

Sunset Cove hospitality branding embossed by Hoodzpah Design

Sunset Cove hospitality branding before and after - by Hoodzpah Design


Many of Sunset Cove’s guests have been returning for decades to stay with them. Refreshing the brand presence without alienating that family of guests was a delicate purpose that guided our process. The dated 80s-style logo was replaced with a simple, refined mark and word mark paying homage to the coastal sunsets that are the backdrop of the property.

Sunset Cove Logo System by Hoodzpah in Slate

Sunset Cove color palette

Sunset Cove Hotel Branding by Hoodzpah Design - Website Design

Hoodzpah Design Logo, Identity and Website design for Sunset Cove Vacation Rentals


An audit was done on the existing Sunset Cove website. We looked at existing web traffic and user behavior data from Google Analytics to see what problem points users were having on the site. People couldn’t click from a villa to directly view rates for that suite. That was the largest problem we wanted to solve. A user interested in a room shouldn’t have to click “Book it” to then search for the villa again. We isolated other user congestion points and streamlined the site organization and flow accordingly. The existing data helped hugely with proper planning.


Hoodzpah was also asked to reboot and refine the Sunset Cove messaging. Verbose, flowery language was dialed back to approachable yet enchanting vignettes of the property.

“A breezy idyll on the California Riviera, Sunset Cove Villas offer plenty of open space, fresh air, and vibrant sunsets. Set atop the dramatic coastline of Laguna Beach, these luxury oceanfront rentals welcome you to a charming community known for its art, food, and surf…”

Sunset Cove Villas icon by Hoodzpah

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