Save My Blades

Rebranding a familiar product is one thing. Coffee shops, apparel companies, photographers – these are industries we have a history of well-known brands to learn from. We can plan a course with existing data. Rebranding a product that defies familiar categories, is a different kind of challenge.

Save My Blades is an exciting new product that extends the life of your disposable razor. By storing your razor in Save My Blades’ all natural, liquid solution, you can go from using 30-50 razors a year, to only 2-4. That’s good for your wallet and good for the environment (less waste). It’s win win! Being the first of its kind, Save My Blades doesn’t really have any direct competition (although the razor industry sees it as quite a threat to their disposable razor revenue). Our main hurdles? Effectively communicating what this new product is in the first place, and proving that the product is worth adding into a shaver’s everyday routine.

Creative Direction
and Design




Behind the logo icon: Your disposable razor + Save My Blades natural solution = a longer lasting, sharp shave

A comparison chart to show savings achieved with Save My Blades

Rebrand Brief

Before Hoodzpah was brought on to help with brand strategy and identity design, the SMB company’s tagline was, “The secret the blade manufacturers don’t want you to know.” The design and messaging followed this same approach, touting itself as a revolutionary product. It undeniably is just that, but the conspiratorial tone of the messaging and design detracted from the unique product values. The content raised skepticism rather than interest. Besides adding life to the dated look of the branding, our main goal in the rebrand and positioning was to:

We aim to swap conspiracy theorist messaging for a clever, witty, and thoughtful personality that focuses on our product’s savings when it comes to time, money, and the environment. While being an industry disrupter might interest business strategists, the only thing that interests the consumer enough to buy it is how it revolutionizes their life. Making claims of “revolutionizing” industries tends to come off as overblown bravado and might raise skepticism in users. Rather, we want to show them the revolutionary value and let the results prove we’re the exciting new player in the industry. Save My Blades adds longevity and value to any razor, no matter how cheap or expensive. We save our customers up to 80% on buying razors, and have a vastly more eco-conscious model than all competitors by a long shot.

New Tagline

“Stay Sharp”, which not only speaks to the core value of the product (keeping your razor sharper for months longer), but also to the lifestyle that values saving time and money while preventing needless waste.

Target Demographic

The demographic is cost conscious, cares about quality, values ease and efficiency, is comfortable buying online, and eco-friendly.

Save My Blades Values

Before we set out on our brand identity projects, it’s important for us to set in stone the brand values. What pillars uphold this product? Knowing these personality traits help us direct our design decisions. For Save My Blades, we knew the product branding, messaging, logo, design, packaging and experience needed to feel:

  1. Valuable (intersection between cost friendly and quality)
  2. Clever and convenient
  3. Thoughtful (charitably orientated, eco-friendly)
  4. Timeless (a product users would accept into their everyday routine)
  5. Trustworthy

Optimizing for Online

Initially, Save My Blades is sold only via e-commerce. So our brand needed to exude trustworthy, established looking branding. There’s inherit trust when you buy a product carried in a big box store like Target or Walgreens. You see it on the shelf and assume it’s good enough to carry, thus good enough to buy. SMB has less of this luxury initially, being sold only online and mainly through their own site. To compensate, the branding needed to look classic and trustworthy, while also having an appealing style-savviness.

Packaging You’ll Be Looking at a Lot in the Shower

The Save My Blades product is a solution that you store your disposable razors in. The liquid coats the blades, preventing oxidation that makes them dull. This means that the container will likely be kept by the sink or in the shower, well visible, until it runs out months and months later. With this in mind, we also wanted to design a label that would be pleasing to look at. Would not be an eye sore on your counter, but something that inspires pride, and looks like a product that intentional people would use.

The large bottle label design