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While the world might be divided on music preferences, political allegiances, or Netflix queue inclinations – good food is the great peacemaker. We found fellow food lovers in Keith Sevigny and Michelle Slieff, the Publisher and Editor in Chief respectively of Saute Magazine. Keith and Michelle invited Hoodzpah to be the creative directors on their new project. Our branding team set the editorial layout and magazine style guidelines for future issues. We were honored to design the inaugural issue of the regional food journal. Targeted at coastal cities, discerning food enthusiasts, and high income homes in Orange County, Keith and Michelle asked for a clean, elegant, minimal and modern editorial design that would play a subtle stage for stunning food photography and recipes.


Saute Magazine

Creative Directors

Jennifer Hood
Amy Hood


— Logo Re-Design
— Style Guide
— Editorial Layout
— Media Kit Layout

Editor in Chief
Michelle Slie
Keith Sevigny
Graphic Design and Production
Emily Atwood
Winston Elliot
Hector Garcia
Scott Hardyman
Arturo Jimenez
Scott Stegman
Makenna Sullivan

Saute Magazine - Editorial Design and Magazine Style Guidelines by Hoodzpah Design

Setting the Editorial Design Style

After mood boarding and concepting with the Saute Magazine team, we landed on our final direction for the editorial style of Saute. Headings across the book mainly existed in a clean sans serif, with body copy and pullquotes in a timeless serif for easier legibility and a touch of classic elegance. Occasional vertical type headlines revealed that the magazine was no square, but interested in border-breaking food stylings and flavors. Content is mostly free of sidebars and pullouts, to keep the stories focused. The only distraction would be the divas of the magazine, the photographs. Stunning, full page vistas of Macadamia Jalapeño Biscuits, Wild Spanish Octopus, Coconut Chicken Curry, and other mouth-melting dishes.

Adding “Keep” Factor

In our modern world, our most prized assets are virtual. Our music, our books, our movies – all accessible in the cloud or via stream. So little is kept in this heyday of give-it-away feng shui. So how would we extend the shelf life of this magazine, adding content that would extend past the initial read through? Our goal was to design a journal, not a passing magazine with list bait titles and cheap thrills. So the Saute magazine team focused on: valuable content about local restaurants, educational information about the food and drinks we love , truly unique recipes that could become family favorites, and elevated design that wont age in a week.

Custom Editorial Icons and Illustration

While the photographs are the main event in Saute Magazine, the subtle section icons and occasional illustration were created to feel as elegant and worthy of a collectible journal. Simple, monoline icons add an elegant way finding element to the book. Where photography was unavailable, we created a custom editorial illustration to suit.

Media Kit Icons

Hoodzpah created a second set of more detailed monoline icons during the magazine design to help promote the key selling points of the book to new advertisers.

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