Pig Barber Branding

Dane Hesse, best known to his clients, friends and fans as Pig Barber, is a living legend. He clips the finest fades and cuts in all of Costa Mesa; he could drink all of Australia under the table; and he has the business acumen of a much older man.

He’s the kind of guy you want in your corner if you get in a bar fight, and that’s why his customer base is so damn loyal (people fly in from other states to have him cut their hair). Or it could be the fact that every high-and-tight comes with a cold beer and hilarious conversation. For many years Pig Barber had no official logo. Many different pigs had been drawn by many different friends and artists and sold on tees, but there was no single expression of the famed “Pig Barber.” As the clientele grew, opportunities arose, and personnel reorganized (including a name change from Eagle and Pig Barber to just Pig Barber), Dane realized he needed a streamlined, consistent brand to reach the heights he knew Pig Barber was destined for.

Lead Design

Amy Hood



Jack Belli and Jake Pollgreen



The Logo and Identity System

Hoodzpah drew inspiration from vintage tattoo flash and sign painting to create a bold, consistent identity set. The new logo and branding are in-line with the counter-culture lifestyle that Pig Barber and his clients are so heavily rooted in. This style was applied across tees, hats and other products that have been spotted on bodies from here to New Zealand. This ruffian is going places and now he has a brand that people can instantaneously recognize and rally behind.

Apparel Line

Apart from the service side of Pig Barber, there’s a retail brand element. Pig Barber is notorious in his industry and is an Ambassador for many brands like Uppercut Deluxe and Beer Savage. His line of tees, hats and other apparel are a key part of the brand experience and have become a collector’s item among patrons. Hoodzpah collaborates with Dane to take his ideas and turn them into illustrations and then coordinate with manufacturers to prep final files.

Eagle & Pig Barbering Co.

The final element of the Pig Barber brand in the works is the barbering line: a custom line of combs, neck cloths, capes and more. The options on the market for barbering tools is limited and lacks any style. Hoodzpah helped brand and develop packaging for the goods line, serving as liaison with the manufacturers to prep tech packs and deliver print ready files.