La Floresta Logo design

La Floresta Branding and Placemaking

Hoodzpah has been providing branding and placemaking support for Regency Centers on their flagship centers for a few years now, but it’s always such a thrill to see things come to life. One of our first projects with Regency was the Village at La Floresta, a shopping and dining center within a brand new housing development in Brea. Village at La Floresta was meant to be anything but your typical mundane strip mall/shopping center. The Regency team wanted the center to feel like a third home; a place where you could grab lunch with the family, pick up groceries, and meet friends for drinks. Suburban Orange County is not necessarily known for having the kind of shopping and dining option that the coastal towns have. Regency wanted to change that. The center boasts the only Whole Foods within a 15 mile radius, and offers great restaurants, shops, and entertainment like Orange Theory, Urban Plates, Mendocino Farms, Blue Eyed Girl, and Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern. It’s a place you can run your errands, and kick back and hang out for a while with the kids.


— Brand Strategy
— Logo & Identity System
— Messaging & Voice
— Stationery
— Type & Color
— Brand Guidelines
— Signage Design
— Environmental Design
— Print Ad Layout
— Grand Opening Creative

Art Direction
and Principal Design

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Jennifer Hood


Anton Warkentin
Arturo Jimenez


Jennifer Hood


Nikki Cram

The Logo & Brand Guidelines

When Regency brought Hoodzpah on to this project, it was to tackle all things branding, the first of which was redesigning the logo. The old logo was just a quick layout (put together based on the logo for the housing project of the same name). It was great for the housing development, but the shopping center needed it’s own voice and personality. Regency wanted something that would appeal to 25-50 year olds, both male and female, who had passive income, and maybe could be found hanging out in Newport or Laguna Beach on the weekends. The center was meant to be a place that not only provided stores for basic necessities (grocery stores, a pharmacy, maybe even day care), but also provided a place to shop, eat dinner with friends, and hang out while the kids run around.

The La Floresta logo needed to be relevant enough to reflect the center’s killer lineup of shops and dining, but also inviting enough for families and older residents who don’t necessarily care about going to the insta-famous restaurant that just opened. The logo finalized had 3 key pieces: wordmark, icon, and tagline; each of which could be used on it’s own around the center to create brand recognition and build a sense of personality. We also worked with La Floresta to establish the messaging and vocabulary to be used ongoing. Armed with this and the brand guidelines, the Regency in-house team can now pick up the project and run with it, well-equipped.

The Signage

The second big project for La Floresta was tackling the signage and wayfinding.

The La Floresta signage needed to do 2 things:

1. The obvious: inform drivers of the shops in a legible manner.

2. Stand out: The signage was a big opportunity to stand out from the other strip centers on Imperial Highway. We wanted it to be welcoming yet stylish, reflecting the quality and comfort of the La Floresta center. We ditched the typical channel lit panel signs you see in most centeres and opted for mounted white letters on wooden plaques, externally lit by spotlights. This creates a warm welcoming feel, instead of the get-in-get-out feel of most big box centers.

La Floresta pillar sign with succulents

La Floresta wayfinding vehicular signage

The Wayfinding

For wayfinding and signage within the center, we went for a friendly neighborhood feel. Wooden plaques direct visitors to various shops, mounted on warm street lamps. Similar vehicular signs direct the flow of traffic throughout the center.

La Floresta Pedestrian Signage


The Regency team was really dedicated to making this center feel like a second home where you could stay and hang out. To create that vibe we designed several murals and interactive brand moments where you wouldn’t expect to have one. The seal was pressed into sewer covers. We designed three murals that were hand painted by the amazing Harpoon. Special graphics, decals, and flags were designed to announce the Grand Opening and other upcoming free community events. All part of an effort to create a dedicated community experience for the shoppers and the center tenants.

Flourish Mural at LA Floresta

Visit La Floresta

To see the branding and peacemaking in person, head down Imperial Highway and grab lunch or some groceries at Whole Foods at The Village at La Floresta. Maybe even grab a drink, kick your feet up around the Oasis and stay awhile. There are many concerts and events monthly for the community. Keep up via their instagram.