Cocina Central Restaurant Branding

Cocina Central is a fresh take on the traditional Mexican restaurant. The restaurant, which opened it’s doors in Mountain View (and already has plans set in motion for a second location), pairs unique, urban flair with fresh, quality, organic and locally-sourced ingredients to create delicious meals that will please foodies, the health conscious, and casual diners alike. Before the doors were opened to the public, Randy Everman and Cocina Central chef Isabel Cruz approached Hoodzpah to create a brand experience that would be as unique as their dishes. Their needs included a logo, business cards, stationery, menus and a website.


— Logo Identity System
— Stationery Set: business cards & envelopes
— Mural
— To-Go Packaging: stickers, stamps, etc.
— Menu Layout
— Crew Member Tees

Branding and Collateral

They wanted the aesthetic to be bright, gritty and edgy, like the streets of Mexico: a sea of different colors, smells and tastes. They also wanted the new logo and brand assets to reflect their intentional business practices in supporting organic, local options that help sustain the community. When thinking about all these things, one image stood out amidst the rest: the sacred heart, a symbol of devotion and love which represented the dedication and care Isabel wanted to put into this restaurant. We created a modern take on the classic icon (seen everywhere you look in Mexico) and paired it with gritty, bold typefaces to reflect the spirit of the food. We designed some equally bold patterns featuring illustrations of fresh fruits, vegetables, produce, and farmers in vivid colors and overlapped them on each other, to mimic worn ghost signage and ad paintings on the side of an old building in Mexico, or fruit crates stacked on one another.

Check out the fresh, vibrant flavors of Cocina Central next time you’re in Mountain View or San Jose!

Twitter: @cocinacentral
Facebook: /cocinacentral