The holiday bag with Belsnickel on the front.

Belsnickel Blend Barista Parlor Coffee Illustration

Andy Mumma, friend and founder of Barista Parlor, does not know this, but it has been one of my secret goals to work with BP in some form since they busted onto the scene with their gorgeously appointed coffee shops, and killer packaging (by Isle of Printing). This last month we got the call. BP was dropping a limited edition holiday blend called Belsnickel. Being huge fans of BP, Christmas, and Dwight Schrute, we were in!

For the Belsnickel blend we started out with some pretty hilarious sketches of some creepy old Santa types, some demon goat types, (check out our instagram for some BTS sketches), but finally landed on a piece of lore we found about Belsnickel wearing animal furs and mask.⁠ In one hand he carries a whip (for the naughty children) and across the other shoulder, a bag full of treats and toys (for the good children).

You better believe we jumped at the chance to use our font Beverly Drive on this holiday project! Other fonts in use: Lowdrag by Fort Foundry and Clark Orr, and Albertus Nova for body copy.

Andy and Mark were so amazing to work with and the Belsnickel blend is available in their Nashville coffee shops (and online) now, just in time for the holidays!

Creative Direction
and Design

Amy Hood


— Illustration
— Packaging