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Behind the Beat Episode 13

We talk with legendary drummers Valerie Franco and John Bach about making it as a freelancers, making it as a kid with braces, overcompensating your way to the top, and more. Plus: poorly hummed Led Zeppelin songs.


Deeply Graphic Design Podcast / Maxin’ and Freelaxin’ Live from ADOBE MAX

In this historic episode, the gang sits down live at Adobe MAX to talk all about creative freelancing with the girl who co-wrote the book on the subject, Amy Hood.

We cover everything from what it’s like working with your twin, how to take the emotion out of money, and how to deal with clients.


Women, Work + Worth Podcast

Today we chat with Amy and Jen Hood of Hoodzpah Design all about freelancing, business, and other stuff


Grits and Grids Podcast / Season 2 Ep. 6

On the show we dig deep into the sisters’ childhood. We have some psychological breakthroughs, good times, and a ton of laughs. Jen and Amy open up their darkest food related secrets, and give some stellar advice for creatives living and working in this design life.


Dissection Podcast / Ep. 48

Amy & Jen Hood are the co-founders of Hoodzpah, a unique ,boutique branding agency in Newport Beach, CA having worked with brands like Target, Facebook, Vox and more. In this episode, we speak with Amy & Jen about Odds And Sods, their brand of Unnecessary Necessaries.


Overtime Podcast – Dribbble / Ep. 13

Our guests for lucky episode 13 are Amy and Jennifer Hood of Hoodzpah Design Co., a boutique branding firm specializing in bold, unapologetic design across print and web.


Drunk on Lettering Podcast / Ep. 40

This is our 5th in person interview!! We had the pleasure of driving up the 101 and meeting up with Amy and Jennifer Hood of Hoodzpah Design and Odds & Sodds in their gorgeous studio in Newport Beach. They’ve been idols to us foreverrrrrrrr so it was amazing to speak with them. They had some really amazing info about working for yourself and freelancing and Netflix things to check out. **Warning, there’s a lot of giggling and girl bonding in this episode!**


Adventures In Design Podcast / Ep. 547: AID LIVE at Open Space LA w/ The Hoods & Dave Kloc

Hoodzpah Design… Jennifer Hood of Hoodzpah design and dave Kloc. Unpacking the why behind what you do can be an elusive… Rising above the daily grind and keeping your eyes on the bigger picture.,


Creative South Podcast / Ep. 69: Hoodzpah Desig

Welcome to the Creative South Podcast! I’m your host, Jason Frostholm. Today, I talk with Amy and Jennifer Hood of Hoodzpah Design. We talk about Odds and Sods, Connecting Things and answer your questions in this ask me anything style interview, all right after this.