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Why Do Podcast with Amy Hood of Hoodzpah Season 1 Ep. 5

Ben Courtice (of Boring Friends) and Ram Reyes (of Oversettext) of Why Do Podcast chat with Amy Hood of Hoodzpah Design (@hoodzpahdesign) and go on a few tangents.


Sorted: Desk Drawer with Hoodzpah Season 2 Ep. 10

Jen and Amy talk with Alex on how they communicate with their clients from the start, who has the tidy desk, and what an ideal Saturday looks like!


The Futur: Ep 169 “Can You Charge Too Much for a Logo?”

Jen and Amy talk shop with Chris Do about how Hoodzpah came to be, the source of their entrepreneurial spirit, taking joy in doing the work, and how they’ve landed coveted clients like Disney, Target, and Nike. Chris asks, “How much do you charge for a logo?” A question that ultimately leads to a spirited debate on pricing and relative value.


The Follow Up Podcast (by Brand New) Ep. 038: SeatGeek Redesign

Jen join SeatGeeks’ Tim McCarthy and illustrator Mickey Duzyj to discuss the process of redesigning the logo and visual brand language of SeatGeek. 

“Everything Freelance with Jen Hood of Hoodzpah” Closer & Closer Podcast

Jen chats with Closer & Closer podcast hosts, Dave Arcade & Andrea Mejia-Madriz, about all things freelance.


Designer Chats Podcast/Instagram Live

The Hood twins show us that we all started (or are starting) from humble beginnings. We chat about their design background and inspiration, advice for new designers, how to own where you’re from and let it inspire your design, advice on selling digital and physical goods…and so much more!


Sidehustler’s Perspective Ep. 229

Amy and Jennifer Hood and Josh Ariza (aka the triplets) talk about how you DON’T need big clients to be a successful creative freelancer and how selling your own products ISN’T the only way to make additional income.


Office Hours Fireside Chat with Andrew Hochradel and Nick Longo

Join Andrew Hochradel and Nick Longo as they head to Camp Knowhow for Office Hours: Summer Camp. Today, Office Hours will be covering the business side of design. Tune in as Andrew and Nick as they have their fireside chat with designers Jen and Amy Hood and how they created their successful design business.


Per Our Last Email Podcast: And She Hugs Her ft. Amy and Jen Hood of Hoodzpah Design

Amy and Jen joined us to chat about the birth of Hoodzpah Design, the time they got to create title treatments for Disney’s Pixar Luca (a true pinch-them moment), and when, where and how they realized that growing a large team just wasn’t for them.