Our Favorite Tweets This Week on Twitter

So we’re on Twitter. So are a lot of funny people we follow. Here’s a taste of what we got fed in the feed this week from some of our faves:

1. A-Rod said that he still wants to be a role model. I think Amanda Bynes is still searching for someone to look up to. What could go wrong? (Not Bill Walton@NotBillWalton)

2. The amount of people who care about you not using a filter: 0. (Joseph Teegardin @Joseph)

3.  A yoga studio inside a yurt that serves yogurt called Yogayurt. You’re welcome. (Jordan Butcher @workofself)

4. I still climb on the furniture and pretend the floor is lava. (SLOTH@Timmyham)

5. My Kickstarter pitch. I need $73B for a hostile takeover of PepsiCo. (Tim Siedell @badbanana)

6. I’m on that diet where you only eat at restaurants with a plasma screen TV in the window showing a PowerPoint of their food. I have gout. (Bobby McKenna@bobby)

7. “You know what would make this rice even better? Racism.” – Pitch meeting for Uncle Ben’s. (Damien Fahey@DamienFahey)

What We’re Listening To:
Modern Vampires of the City
by Vampire Weekend




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