New Eagle & Pig Tees and the Hubcats prep for The Hooligan Hoedown

The other day I swung by Costa Mesa’s finest barber shop, Eagle & Pig. Owned and operated by Dane Hesse (the ‘e’ is NOT silent, by the way… “Hess-eeee”), Eagle & Pig is the unofficial official Hubcat Originals clubhouse/man cave/meeting spot. Posters and signs line the warehouse walls, floor to ceiling, and – save the 10 foot radius surrounding the barber’s chair – the space is packed with drool-worthy classic cars, bikes, and boards. We dropped by to pickup the tees we helped design for Eagle & Pig, which turned out amazing if we do say so ourselves.

This particular day, the boys were getting their rides ready for the first annual Hooligan Hoedown, hosted by Iron & Resin. The Hoedown was at Camp Scheideck. Beer, bbq, beats, and bikes abounded, including the Hubcats. Here are some photos we snapped of Dane, Lou and Tom making their last minute touches before the ride. “How many guys does it take to fix a Harley?”…

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