Currently sweet on Michael Pitt for Prada Spring/Summer 2012

Here’s a tall glass of water: Michael Pitt, the slicked back looker with the killer pout in Boardwalk Empire. He’s one of the latest faces for Prada, graciously donning the brand’s amazing ’50s inspired spring line in a series of dapper ads shot by David Sims. The campaign is ridiculously enchanting, with Pitt playing guitar, shadow boxing, and nursing a toothpick dressed in retro prints, jackets and button ups worthy of Elvis’s former closet (before the bell bottoms and cape). From a person constantly looking for design and style inspiration, this campaign totally hits all the right notes. It’s nostalgic without being kitschy, reminiscent without being costumey, classic and fresh and retro all at once.

The thesis behind the ad campaign? According to Prada, it “explores the language of male rolemodels from the rock star to the playboy, from the self-reflective introvert to the engaging and humorous farceur.” Prada recently released a behind the scenes video of the shoot, which you can check out below. It’s pure joy.


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