Lone Pine reverse contrast font by Hoodzpah

Design & Production by: 
Amy Hood

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Lone Pine font by Hoodzpah is a reverse contrast serif typeface with 110% zazz and juuj. It’s inspired by Route 395 in California, which runs along the Eastern Sierra Nevadas; And by the many towns scattered along the way, namely Lone Pine, CA at the base of Mt. Whitney. The town of Lone Pine is essentially: a diner which doubles as a bar, a fishing & tackle shop, a hostel for hikers, a Chinese restaurant, and a provisions shop for locals and tourist hikers that carries everything from CBD gummies to sunscreen and novelty tees. A town with just the pure necessities. If we ever retire, you’ll find us on a ranch in Lone Pine with a herd of Alpacas.

Lone Pine font is available in Regular and Bold Weights with 2 style sets (default and SS.01), with oodles of alternate characters and fun glyphs. This font is super high contrast in Regular weight. Perfect for large instances where you want maximum personality (see our Quick to Mercy prints for real life example). Lone Pine in bold is great for smaller instances. For those moments when you still want to make a big impression, but you also want to be approachable and super legible. This typeface has been kerned so you don’t have to spend hours fiddling (all of our type specimens below are kerned on Auto), and is automatically tracked tightly (bumper to bumper letters).  Simply increase your tracking for even more legibility at smaller instances or for a unique look.

Lone Pine font includes:

– Standard Latin Characters
– Numericals
– Fractions
– Mathematical Symbols
– Arrows and Smiley Faces
– Language Support for European Countries (Western, Central, and South Eastern Europe).

Demo your own text below!

Aliens landed at Mono Lake and Skully still did not believe.

Lone Pine reverse contrast font inspired by Route 395bold and regular - reverse contrast font from Hoodzpahforeign cities typeset to show language support for Western, Central, and South Eastern Europe

Lone Pine full character set by Hoodzpah

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