Live Drawing with Sparksheet at APEX Expo 2013

The typical way a design project goes is such: proof, revision, client uncertainty, more proofs, more revisions, client satisfaction, finalization. It’s a great experience being able to take concepts through the critique crucible to get them purified down to their best form. But every now and again it’s nice to take a break from the hyper-planned design project.  A week and a few days ago we had the pleasure of taking just that kind of break. We were invited by Dan Levy, the Editor of Sparksheet, to do live drawing at APEX Expo 2013, a conference about in-flight entertainment. Sparksheet is an award-winning, multi-platform magazine with great ideas about content, media and marketing, powered by Spafax, a marketing firm that produces and publishes great in-flight content and entertainment, among other things. At the conference  Dan wanted us to help him create live content by interviewing conference attendees and having a personal brand board drawn about their responses. Then, the attendee could leave with their personal infographic as a souvenir from visiting the Sparksheet/Spafax booth. The Sparksheet/Spafax team was a bundle of style-savvy, hilarious, and cultured people from all over the globe. Huge thanks to Dan Levy for being our handler during the expo, and for having the great idea to create live content. Here’s some shots of the rad booth and our personal brand boards we drew (you can see all the drawings here on Sparksheet’s Facebook). Then, at the bottom, is a quick video with highlights from the expo and the “Table of Content.”   spafax-7 spafax-6 spafax-4 spafax-3 spafax-2 spafax-1 Sparksheet At Apex 2013 from Spafax Universe on Vimeo. Listening to: “Song for Zula” by Phosphorescent phosphorescent album cover


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