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Hi, I’m Jen Hood, partner and co-founder of Hoodzpah. I’m excited to be back at LCAD. Today you’ll see me stand in front of a room to present this PDF: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bpwzlc6kf5k4jx8/Social_Media_LCAD_PP_2017.pdf?dl=

Illustration by Super Team Delux

Here’s your in-class / homework:

1. Google yourself. What social media accounts come up? List them on a document. For each, you need to:

a. decide whether you want to keep the account active, or delete it

b. decide whether you want to keep the account private or public

c. if you want a separate design account than your personal, create a new account.

d. update your avatar if needed

e. Post a link to your website or online portfolio!!

f. Review your bio, and edit it to include your design specialty and some memorable things about yourself. It can be clever and quippy, or to the point. But include some useful info in it for potential clients or employers. Remember: You ARE a designer. You aren’t studying to be a designer. You’ve studied and now you are one. Claim it.

g. Review your content and content posted to your profile. Is it something you’d want a potential boss or client to see? If not, delete it or hide it.

Illustration by Justin Tran

2. Now, audit your social media presence as is:

a. if someone landed on your profile, would they know you were a designer at all?

b. Is there any sign of recent work on your profile?

c. Do the images that are of you and your daily life paint a picture that aligns with the kind of brands and companies you want to work with?


Illustration by Christopher Reath

3. Start your social media content plan:

a. Describe your personality, your design style, or your design ethos in 3 words. Now, write down 3 ways to better showcase those traits through your posts.

b. Choose 2 social media outlets that you want to invest more time into growing your presence on.

c. Write down a list of projects that you want to post about in the coming months. Now start gathering screenshots and various application mockups and sketches into a social media folder. When you have time, save them for an optimal ratio.

d. Research 5 designers/agencies/creatives you admire. How are they using social, and can you glean any tips from it to use yourself.

e. (Recommended, not required) Sign up for a free social media planning app, like Later.com . This will help you schedule out content, and draft captions when you have time, rather than it being a stress to do on the fly. On the fly stories are great. But posting about projects might require more thought.

Illustration by GAËTAN HEUZÉ


Start thinking about content while you’re working:

Record a quick story of your illustration process

Makee a time-lapse while you work on a project

Show your workspace

Share your inspiration/moodboard for your current project (Be cautious – always attribute!)

Share your rough sketches for a logo


Beware over-curation.

The great thing about social media is that it is personal. Sometimes we can over-curate and lose that personal, human touch. If your photos are perfectly curated, that’s fine and professional, and might work for your style. But at least keep your unique voice in the captions. This should highlight your personal brand voice.

Illustration by Muti


1. Research 7 dream clients / brands.

Now, find people who work there, and try and find them and follow them on social media. Recommendation – use TWITTER. Barrier for access to people on Twitter is much much lower than on Instagram, and let’s be real, they’re probably not really on Facebook. You can reverse lookup people who look at brands through LinkedIn. Or, by finding the brand’s social media, and seeing if they follow people who work there, or tag employees in posts.


2. When researching people to follow, make sure they’re active users of the platform. See when they last posted.


3. Now, tweet or comment to each one of them.

Don’t just say “love your work.” Use it as an opportunity to show mutual interests or to make a well-informed comment on work they’ve done.


4. Post 2 original tweets across the next week.

They can be thoughts about design world, world at large, or shares of your work. Continue to do these interactions and personal posts throughout the coming months.  It will feel awkward and self-serving at first. But it doesn’t have to be! Plus repetition when contacting these people will lead to familiarity. And if you can gain one ally within the company you want to work for, then you have a name to mention when you write in about a career opportunity. This can be as scheezy or genuine as your intent. Be true to you. The goal should not be self-serving, but rather to open up a genuinely enjoyable convo between two people in a common industry. Don’t hard sell yourself.


Designers you might follow who will likely write you back if you say something interesting (Twitter handles included). * Means local :

Moi*: @inthegoodhood

Amy Hood*: @amy_hoodlum

Marc Hemeon (serial entrepreneur, : @hemeon

Jed Bridges* (FinTech): @JedBridges

Jess Brown* (FinTech, previously Nest): @JessBrown

Eric Atwell* (UI at Basic) @ericatwell

Molly Mendoza (Illustrator): @FussFussPot

Joshua Ariza (branding and Illustration, formerly Nike): @joshuaariza

Netta Marshall (digital designer AirBnb): @nettatheninja

Ash Huang (novelist and UX designer at Adobe: @ashsmash

Joel Beukelman* (Design vlogger and Mobile design at Google): @_bklmn

Zack Travis (AD at www.weareenvoy.com): @ZackTravis

Russ Rommelfanger* (CCO and Co-founder Envoy): @RRommelfanger

ConnectingThings* (creative meetup that’s fun and free): @WeConnectThings

Ryan Ford (product design and strategy): @TheRyanFord

Meg Lewis (Ghostly Ferns illustrator and branding): @darngooood

Herson Rodriguez (design director at Acorns FinTech): @hero

Jared Erondu (young entrepreneur and digital designer): @erondu

Laura Bee (illustrator and partner at Ghostly Ferns): @LauRARbee

Gene Ross (digital designer at Ueno): @generosss

Alessio Joseph (lettering freelance for big brands!): @alessio_joseph

Alice Lee (illustrator, formerly dropbox): @byalicelee

Danielle Evans (food lettering and funny woman): @marmaladebleue

Mia Loira (design leadership, formerly Pinterest, Square and Ideo): @mialoira

Tommy Perez* (design, illustration, paper craft, formerly Facebook): @tommyGperez

Allison Grace (head of design, Lightning AI): @allisongrayce

Rogie ? (illustration, branding, digital): @rogie

Sam Kap (designer in Tech): @samkap

Alex Medina (Brand design at Vox Media): @mrmedina

Kerem Suer (designer, formerly ZenDesk, Fitbit, Pinterest): @kerem

Dann Petty (freelance hero, connector of people, branding and digital): @DannPetty

Jim DeBrock: interactive design at Nike): @homeindicator

Vicki Tan* (designer at Headspace formerly Lyft): @vickiheart

Erwin Hines: CD at Basic agency (branding and digital) @erwinhines

Brittany Brown (digital design at Rally): @RGBeav

Jean Marc Denis (manager of Messenger at FB, and big into 3D and VR): @jmdenisme

Jenny Johanssen (designer at Ueno agency):  @chopse

Melody Quintana (designer illustrator at Dropbox): @melodyquintana

Carolyn Z (branding, illustration and everything at Ueno): @carolynz

Devon Ko (3d design): @3dfordesigners

Emily Atwood* (former LCAD designer who is now interning at Pentegram in NYC): @_TheRealEmily

Winston Elliot* (former LCAD student now designing at Taco Bell): @_WinstonElliott

Christine Tinoso* (former LCAD designer): @_tinoso

Julian Lozano* (former LCAD student designer): @ElJulianLozano


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