Inspiration of the Day: Skateboard Sunglasses – Shwood x Huf

Just ran across this very stylish pair of sunglasses crafted from the wood from old skateboard decks. Shwood, an Oregon based company that makes wooden sunglasses, teamed up with the fellas at Huf for this unique project. Check out the video of the process (filmed and edited by Joe Stevens) on Shwood’s new site, Experiment With Nature. There’s something very special about knowing that your glasses are one of a kind; that they were made from the bits and pieces of a skateboard that could have been ridden by and number of free wheelin punk kids who just want to feel the wind in their hair and the pavement flying under their feet. It’s like a little piece of every one of them – of that spirit of independence – is in every pair of these glasses. I like that.  Makes me want to grab my neglected skateboard out of the garage. Also makes me want a pair of these glasses really bad. Upcycled skateboard decks. Genius.

– Amy
Listening to: Delta Spirit’s “Devil Knows You’re Dead”


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