How the Hoods Spent Creative South: A Recap and Infographic

So we had a blast at Creative South 2013. It was our first design conference – to speak at or attend – and it was a perfect first! The city was beautiful and loaded with amazing old architecture; The people were all friendly and accommodating; The weather was nice and warm and not too muggy; And the food was greasy and delicious – just the way we like it. The conference audience was a cozy 170-200 people from every side of the continent, all eager to listen and learn. And the speakers!

Unfortunately we weren’t able to catch everybody since there were three speakers on at any given time, but we hear the videos of everyone will be up soon. Master letter-ers, Ryan Hamrick and Sean McCabe were on hand; the absolutely hilarious trio behind Weir / Stewart were there to talk business and basics (squizz – [inside joke, you had to be there {we’re those guys}]); Illustrator extraordinaire, Nick Slater made us all hate him for his amazing job. Rogie King introduced us to Derpy Belle. Nicest guys ever, Josh Long and Mat Helme from Treehouse both showed up. Masterminds behind GoMedia and Weapons of Mass Creation, Jeff Finley and Bill Beachy got everyone thinking, questioning, and inspired. New York’s finest, Jessica Heltzel and Tim Hoover talked about their awesome project Kern & Burn. The boys at Mama’s Sauce, aka the most popular screen printers in America (which spurred a new drinking game: every time someone name drops Mama’s Sauce in their panel you have to take a drink), gave us a screen printing demo. Michael Butler educated us yahoos on social media and marketing. Former NASA designer, Eric Mortensen shared his story about having one of the cool-est jobs ever. Mackey Saturday and his lovely wife Trish won us over with their smiles and amazing positivity, causing us to deem them Creative South’s first couple. James White of Signalnoise solidified his rightful title as “Biggest Nerd in the World” and blew the proverbial socks off the conference with his amazing presentation. And last but not least, Aaron Draplin of Draplin Design Co. made us laugh, cry, and learn with him.

We met so many amazing people and left with so many new ideas and we can’t even WAIT for Creative South 2014.

Here’s a quick little infographic on how we Hoods spent the last 3.5 days at Creative South to give you an idea of the fun and shenanigans that were had by these two crazy twins.

Infographic-of-Creative-SouthClick to enlarge.


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