Taking Care of Business: Hoodzpah workshop at AIGA Charlotte

Taking Care of Business Charlotte by Hoodzpah Design

April 11th – “Curing Your Stupid Addiction To Being Right” Talk at AIGA Charlotte

We’re heading from sunny side up in California to the open arms of Queen City. AIGA Charlotte is hosting us for a night talk – “Curing Your Stupid Addiction to Being Right” – about conquering confirmation bias (imagine the “This is your brain on drugs” frying pan — that’s what bias does to your creativity) on Wednesday, April 11th at 6:30pm at Sugar Creek Brewing.

RSVP in advance:
AIGA Members: Free
Students: $10
Non-Members: $20
(Talk attendees will get $50 off the workshop below!)


April 12th – “Taking Care of Business” Freelancing Workshop

The following day we’ll be running our Taking Care of Business workshop, April 12th from 9am-1pm. Learn how to plan, start, grow and succeed in freelance. The workshop is packed full of info. We’ll have worksheets, digital take-home resources for you, a presentation, and Q&A to address your unique needs. There’ll be a lot to cover, but you’ll get a great crash course and walk away with actionable steps to upping your game!

Things you’ll learn:

1. Business Structure and Legal Stuff
2. Creating a Business Plan
3. Defining Your Services
4. Creating a Budget – with take-home worksheet
5. Setting Your Pricing – with take-home worksheet
6. Pitching Clients – see our pitch decks
7. Workflow and Planning – see our file structure and organization
8. Communication and Presenting Work – see our proof decks
9. Anything else we can squeeze in that you’d like to know!

All this info for just $150!
2 hours of freelancing and you’ll recoup the costs.

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Amy and Jen Hood leading Taking Care of Business workshop at Kouwork in Honolulu Hawaii


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