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We’ve got new prints in the Hoodzpah store! And they’re pretty. Literally. Well, if you find greasy, scruffy, guitar wielding, country boys like Caleb Followill pretty. Which we here at Hoodzpah do in fact. He is among that group of musicians that march to the beat of their own drum. It’s intriguing. Inspiring. This poster [see Fig. 1] is a variation of the original which was made specially for a good friend of ours, Sara Wilkins. She too is a fan of the Followill clan and we designed the poster as a belated birthday/going a present for her as she recently relocated for a time to Portland to work, live and adventure. Her version [see Fig. 2] was our version of the inspirational/Hang-In-There poster. It had the line “Rainy days they ain’t so bad when you’re the king.” (Get it? Cause it rains in Portland? I ruined it didn’t I.) Starting a new adventure can always be hard and scary, but no matter what happens you gotta remember that it can’t knock you down and it won’t change who you are! We liked how the poster turned out so much that we thought we’d tweak it a little and re-run a new limited-edition set of prints. Amy had so much fun working on Caleb, that she’s getting started on ole’ Joe Strummer as we speak. So be looking for that in the shop soon. Until then, head over and peruse the goods we’re slinging and hocking now. Don’t have money but want a pretty poster of your own? “Like” us on facebook, because we’ll be giving one away this week! What says “we love you guys” more than free shwag?

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Fig. 2: The print you can get your grimey hands on for a mere 20 bucks at the Hoodzpah store!

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The Band (from The Last Waltz)
“The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down”


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