George Jones Playlist and Poster

To go along with the George Jones poster we just posted to our portfolio, here is a George Jones playlist curated by yours truly featuring some of The Possum’s greatest diddies. This playlist is not for the faint of heart – it will bring a grown man to tears in two songs. If broken hearts made a sound, it would be the caramel-y, twangy, drawl of George Jones. Really want to shed a tear in your beer? The duets with his late, beautiful wife, Tammy Wynette (they were married two separate times and both were full of tumultuous times) are even more heart-wrenching. But don’t worry, there are also plenty of knee-slappers and boot-stompers for all you raucous types – songs about honky-tonks and whiskey and loose women. If you ever wanted to get into Jones, this is a perfect introductory playlist of some of my faves

All suggestions for additions to this playlist are welcome below! And yes, that is a framed George Jones photo on my desk courtesy of my friend Andrew Abajian.


Listening to:
“I Just Don’t Give A Damn”
by George Jones



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