Free For-All Friday! Featuring Tom Hanks

It’s that time again! Free For-All Friday – the day where we give you free Hoodzpah goodies in return for your social media approval of us in the forms of a thumbs up, a comment, a follow, or a plug. What are we giving away this time? This handsome print of an original mixed media illustration by Jennifer Hood of the one and only Tom Hanks. I mean really, is there anyone who doesn’t like Tom Hanks? It’s almost un-American to even suggest. Sleepless In Seattle, Apollo 13, Big, Splash, Cast Away, You’ve Got Mail, Saving Private Ryan, and our personal favorite, Volunteers. If you haven’t seen Volunteers with Hanks and John Candy, you are seriously missing out. Anyways, you know the drill. Like our facebook page then like the post or leave a comment for an entry in the drawing and if you share the link with friends you get two extra entries! Just let us know you shared it, or we may not tally right. We aren’t omnipitent on facebook, unfortunately, so it’s hard to keep track. I will leave you with the trailer for Volunteers. Good luck!


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