“Frank Moir” Prints Now Available In The Store!

We’ve got some new prints up in the shop! These are high quality, limited edition prints of an original drawing by yours truly. The drawing is of “Frank Moir”, and is based off of a mugshot of the mustachioed, eye-patched man it’s titled after. What exactly this man did to be put in prison, we may never know. What we do know, is that this print will make a lovely addition to your collection. All you college kids heading back to school, don’t you want to impress your friends with a well decorated dorm room? What’s more “in” than mustaches and eye patches? It’s every hipster kids’ dream print. Even if you’re not a hipster, this quality print of this regal criminal of yesteryear will do justice to any room in your house.

The original drawing is up at Newport Tattoo in Costa Mesa (the location on the 55 right after 17th St.), but I have a print of it in my own room at home (below). See? Lovely addition to any room. And at a bargain of only $18.50. Where else can you support local artists and beautify your home for less than $20? Just one more way we’re keeping it real here at Hoodzpah. Happy Monday, folks.

“Frank Moir” in Amy Hood’s own room.

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