FIDM Digital Arts Sings Our Praises

Not that we were Googling ourselves this morning (cough cough), but it turns out our fashionable scholars to the north at FIDM have recognized the artistic endeavors of yours truly on their blog! The FIDM Digital Arts Blog gave a shout out to Hoodzpah’s artistic prowess as seen on projects like our LOCALE magazine guides and the logo work we’ve done for Almond. Check out the write up here. Besides posting great design, they also post helpful videos, links, and info on design contests and seminars. Thanks again to the writers over at the FIDM Digital Arts blog and may we continue to be worthy of your admiration.

Fun but useless fact: When I typed “singing” into Flickr’s Commons image home page to find a fun vintage photo for this post, the photo of the above gentleman exercising his vocal chords was on the first page of results. His name is Sam Hood. (Cue the theme from “The Twilight Zone.”) What can we say. Good looks runs in the Hood family.

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Atlas Sound with Noah Lennox



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