Famous Letterhead Designs: Notes from the Rich and Famous

Whether it be picking out clothes, selecting a car, creating your logo, or designing your own letterhead, every self-branding commitment is a somewhat crucial one. You must consider with every decision you make, that this choice will be a basis upon which a curious and insinuating race of humans will draw some conclusion about you.

This can be both excitement and torment.

But that’s the beauty of life: perception. Misconceived notions being overthrown by second chances. Old re-hashed ideas and themes being re-spun by a set of new lenses on the job. It’s the glory of graphic design. We designers get to tweak and manipulate traditional perceptions, twisting hackneyed sayings and images into unique representations of once flat topics. Perception is what keeps a world in which everything under the sun has already been done, interesting.

Which brings me to today’s specimen of graphic design inspiration: Famous letterhead designs. It’s interesting to see how the following people chose to brand or define themselves, although briefly, on a page. I found these over at an awesome Tumblr brimming with a ton more of the same. The Tumblr is called Letterheady. Most are obvious who they belong to, except the “ev” one, which is Eddie Vedder’s letterhead, the one leading off this post, which is Charles Manson’s, and the last one, which is Frank Lloyd Wright’s.[/two_third]

ray+bradbury+-+letterhead Ian+Flemming+-+letterhead Bob+Hope+letterhead Johnny+Cash+-+Letterhead Louis+Armstrong+-+letterhead andy+warhol+-+letterhead houdini+letterhead Captain+Jack+Crawford+-+Letterhead Letterheady letterhead-ray-charles frankesteinbride Design-10 tumblr_mnk0r7xYU41qac511o1_1280 tumblr_mnb9pqR4o51qac511o1_1280 tumblr_mbkjfkWCgl1qac511o1_500 tumblr_lsjdxgtL7J1qac511o1_500tumblr_lshp8xa7kd1qac511o1_500 tumblr_lnlo2tMB4R1qac511o1_500


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