Inspiration of the Day: Andrew McKellar

Today’s inspiration comes via Andrew McKellar. Originally from Cape Town, Andrew now lives in New York City where his life is fragmented by tours with his band Civil Twilight (for which he plays guitar) and random acts of creativity. Here’s some of the latter: amazing photos shot on anything he could get his hands on, from the crude pixel play of an iPhone to the professional grade equipment most photographers own. The device is irrelevant in my opinion. McKellar is a master of composition, and that’s what makes the difference. Having the advantage of traveling all over the world to strum strings and hum tunes to willing masses, McKellar has seen the many sides of many continents. He does his best photo work with the seemingly mundane scenes or forgotten places that make up the space between major destinations: dead gas stations, rundown motels, and joint diners populated by Okies. He finds the color and interest in the infrastructure and materials of ordinary life. It’s fabulous and understated. Here’s a sip of the soup he’s been cooking up.

For a more hearty fill, visit amckellar.com.



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