Amy Hood LIVE on the Design Recharge Web Show

How_To_Establish_Your_Small_Design_Biz_Cover_webDon’t miss our very own Amy Hood today on the Design Recharge web show with Diane Gibbs at 11:30 Pacific time!

Amy will be discussing Hoodzpah’s latest e-book, “How To Establish Your Small Design Business And A Powerful Lifestyle Brand.” We’ll be answering all the tough questions: How did we create a lifestyle brand that worked for our business? How did we get the kind of clients we wanted? How did we get all the way from California to New York to Kentucky and back? Are we clones? We’re not holding anything back, folks! So join in on the fun, post your own questions and comments, and everyone takes shots every time Amy says “like.”

You can interact with Amy and Diane over at http://www.spreecast.com/events/building-powerful-lifestyle-brands or follow along below! Let’s see if we can get Phil Jackson to live tweet THIS show. #OneCanHope



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