A quickie quote: “The Idler”

Photo by Nicole Leever

While caffeinating in Laguna last week, my friend Nicole Leever (that’s her photo up there) showed me the latest issue of Kinfolk magazine. Within it I spotted this brilliant line by Nikaela Marie Peters:

“As people get older , they realize that time is more valuable than money. And finding more time do absolutely nothing is perhaps exactly what we all need.”

Two things in conclusion:

• This is proof that you can in fact start a sentence with “and” and still be an awesome published author. What now, Mrs. Potter at Alvaton Elementary?

• Grab your Netflix machine (isn’t that what everyone calls their iPad? Be honest, do you really use it for much else?) and get to vegitating. Suggestions: Freaks and Geeks, Pretty in Pink, Escape from New York, CSI:NY or some other mind rotting instant watch goodness. Or, play hookie and head for the coast for a day of lazing about.



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