5 Reasons “Orange Is the New Black” is Awesome:

Have you guys heard about this new Netflix Original series called Orange Is The New Black? Well you’ve heard, now. And know that it is awesome and that you need to watch it ASAP. Why? Here’s 5 reasons…

1. The whole season is available on Netflix, meaning that you can watch one episode right after the other. (Which, fair warning, you will)

2. The refreshingly diverse cast of (predominantly female) characters.

3. The editing, a cocktail of flashbacks and scenes, makes each hour-long episode fly by in what seems like no time at all. (See #1)

4. The mix of hilarious comedy, uncomfortable moments and heart-string-pulling drama. Never has laughter been followed so closely by stunned silence.

5. The wealth of quotable lines, e.g. “You ain’t stepping on The Goblet of Fire!”.[/two_third]

Orange is the new black photo of cast

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“Love Lust”
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