Hoodzpah Design | Motorcycle Industry Council Note Card Design
A note card design for the Motorcycle Industry Council's "The Weather Escape Ride". We created the custom border and a creative invitation for them to print as they needed.
Note Card Design
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Motorcycle Industry Council Note Card Design

About This Project

Our good friend Marky Mark over at the MIC (Motorcycle Industry Council) was in need of some note cards to send out invitations for one of his many awesome events/adventures with the company. The event they were planning was called “The Weather Escape Ride,” a ride up the California coast up to the Pacific Northwest, to which he invited East coasters back when it was still chilly back there. He contacted us Hoodlums for a creative note card design to send out to announce this event. They also wanted to be able to use the generic letterhead and border for other MIC occasions. The goal as far as design was something that referenced the West coast but wasn’t too location-centric; something that wouldn’t alienate any rider, be they beginner, advanced, chopper-enthusiast, or cafe-racer-enthusiast; something that was cool but not too trendy. Mark sent us a Pinterest board of some rad ideas for inspiration, a lot of which utilized hand drawn illustrations and detailed borders. We pooled those two concepts together and created a motorcycle-themed illustration, melding helmets, tires, adventure packs, and palm trees swaying over a California coastline into an intricate border. We got the border screen printed with our friends over at ColorVision Media and then let the MIC print the invitation info on them as they needed. Here is the final note card design as well as a few of the outtakes.


Art + Illustration